January 4, 2023
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India: Top 5 Logistics Management Solutions for Small Businesses

Mukesh Deogune


As a small business owner in India, managing logistics can be a challenging task. You need to ensure that your products are delivered to customers on time, while also keeping costs under control. Fortunately, there are a number of logistics management solutions available that can help small businesses streamline their operations and reduce the burden of managing logistics. In this post, we'll take a look at the top 5 logistics management solutions for small businesses in India.

1. Traqo: Traqo is a no-code logistics management platform that provides complete visibility across the freight cycle. With features such as WhatsApp-based freight procurement and SIM-based delivery tracking, Traqo makes it easy for small businesses to manage their logistics operations efficiently.

2. Delhivery: Delhivery is a leading logistics company in India that offers a range of services including transportation, warehousing, and distribution. The company's logistics management platform provides real-time tracking, invoice management, and other tools to help small businesses manage their operations more effectively.

3. BlackBuck: BlackBuck is another popular logistics management solution in India. The platform offers a range of services including freight procurement, delivery tracking, and invoicing. It also has a network of over 50,000 trucks, making it a convenient choice for small businesses that need reliable transportation services.

4. Trucksuvidha: Trucksuvidha is a logistics management platform that helps small businesses find carriers for their shipments. The platform offers real-time tracking, invoicing, and other tools to help businesses manage their logistics operations efficiently.

5. Locus: Locus is a logistics optimization platform that uses artificial intelligence to help businesses plan and execute their logistics operations more effectively. The platform offers features such as route optimization, real-time tracking, and predictive analytics to help small businesses make informed decisions about their logistics management.


Logistics management can be a complex and time-consuming task for small businesses in India. However, with the right logistics management solution, it's possible to streamline operations and reduce the burden of managing logistics. The top 5 solutions highlighted in this post – Traqo, Delhivery, BlackBuck, Trucksuvidha, and Locus – are all excellent options for small businesses looking to improve their logistics management.

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