July 16, 2023
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Amazon Global Selling is taking 'Made in India' products to the world - Amazon India Blog

Amazon Global Selling aims to lower entry barriers for small businesses and entrepreneurs in India to export their products and build global brands. Since its launch in 2015, over 125,000 Indian exporters have sold 266 million Made in India products worldwide. The program has expanded to over 200 cities in India. Amazon has focused on making exports easier by introducing cross-border logistics and simplifying exports documentation. Their efforts have reduced the average go-to-market time for exporters to the US by 35%. The Indian government's initiatives, such as 'Make in India' and 'Vocal for Local', along with the new Foreign Trade Policy and focus on exports hubs, are expected to contribute $200-$300 billion to India's overall exports by 2030. Amazon aims to enable $20 billion in cumulative e-commerce exports from India by 2025.

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