June 11, 2023
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Future-Ready Logistics: CJ DARCL Embraces Sustainability with Electric Vehicle Debut for Intra-City Cargo Run! - ThePrint

- CJ DARCL Logistics has introduced its first electric vehicle (EV) for intra-city cargo movement in Bengaluru, India.

- The EV is the company's initial step towards embracing alternative fuels for both short and long-haul cargo delivery.

- The vehicle will be used for intra-city cargo movement, serving a prominent construction equipment OEM.

- CJ DARCL Logistics is committed to expanding sustainability goals and leading the industry in embracing eco-friendly transportation solutions.

- The company aims to become a carbon-neutral company under the theme “Driving towards a greener tomorrow”.

- CJ DARCL Logistics is a premier end-to-end logistics company in India, serving over 2,800+ customers across 5,000+ locations.

- The company excels in providing multimodal transportation services encompassing road, rail, coastal, and air routes, ensuring both operational and environmental sustainability.

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